Friday, November 09, 2007

Contest!! Prizes!!! Fugly!!!

Yesterday, I posted this picture:

It's my secret shame: the fugliest yarn in my stash, and quite possibly the fugliest yarn in the universe.

Please, prove me wrong and enter the first annual "That's Some Fugly Yarn" contest. Share that ominous fuzzy mass that you keep shoving further into the recesses of your stash, lest it see the light of day. Only by facing the fugly can we conquor it, and only by sending me phots of your fugly can you win prizes of fibery goodness.

Da rulez:

Send a photo of your fugly yarn (or a link to your flickr page, etc) to abre-los-ojos33(AT)hotmail(DOT)com. Include some variation on "Fugly" in the subject heading.

You may submit multiple fuglies for consideration, but you cannot win more than once.

Contestants are encouraged to include a statement with their entries explaining the origins of the yarn, how long it has been in their stash, if it was ever intended for a project, and generally speaking what they find so fugly about it.

Fugliness will be determined according to color, texture, percieved ickyness of material, and overall impression of ghastliness. Judging will be conducted by myself, Gabby the dog, and my boyfriend Mike, who has a good eye for weird.

A first, second, and third place will be named. Winning entries will be featured on the blog, and yarny prizes will be awarded. Winners will also be invited to donate their winning yarn to the blog, where it will be immolated in a manner befitting its fugliness.

The entry deadline for the contest is Friday, November 16. Winners will be announced By Saturday evening.

Have I left anything out? Okay, get to makin' with the fug already, and good luck!

Now, because it's Saturday, and a promise is a promise....

Somehow I feel that this garment would be put to better use as a tread on a Goodyear Tire. Judging by the models expression, she thinks so too.

I don't even know where to begin with the Fruity Pebbles embedded in the front, but you all are welcome to take a shot at it.


Penny Karma said...

Ooooh, girl... a prize for fugliness. I'm in.

Tricia said...

I don't have fugly yarn, but I've got the fugliest patterns ever. You know I do, you've seen them. I've even knit some of them, I ashamed to say.

Turtle said...

I could not find any truly fugly yarn, i guess that got cleared out when i last sorted through and donated yarns i knew i would not use. But i found this cute link to a pic of what one mom did with her fugly yarn!

Kate said...

I just discovered your blog, but I love it! So I entered the contest. Now I'm off to read some of your archives! :-)

Turtle said...

hi haven't posted in awhile...hope all is ok!