Thursday, June 28, 2007

We have met the Enemy...

...And she is us.
I may need to seriously consider the possiblity that deep seated emotional problems are causing me to undertake projects with humongous scale. Sweaters and afghans are one thing, but a giant bedspread made out of tiny squares is a very special sort of grandiosity. I have been hauling ass on the mitered square bedspread, and is it looking any bigger?

It is not.
It's tempting to take back all the lovely sentiments expressed in the last post about the blanket--the value of persistence, a physical representation of the passage of time, etc. Instead I just want to say it is a very big blanket, it is very boring to work on, and by the time I cast off the last stitch they will probably just pull it right over me as my shroud.

Now I'm depressed. Let's look at pretty things together, ok?

My spinning pal sent me another package yesterday, and Gabby was not neglected. She's been squeaking her squeaky motorcycle enthusiastically for the past two days, and will run and find it if you ask, "Where's your Squeaky Cycle?"

Merino batts (carded by Ms. Pest herself I believe) and Bamboo for me. Is it wrong to put the bamboo fiber on the floor and roll around in it a little? Not that I did, just saying. Thank you, pest, it's all beautiful--although you're making it extremely difficult for me to decide what to spin next. Extremely.

Hey, some handspun that doesn't look like ass! The heathered gray is alpaca, also courtesy of my pest (she is turning me into such a fiber snob). The yarn below it is 50/50 camel-silk, and it's really a lovely pale honey color, not tan like it looks on my monitor. I haven't gotten around to measuring how much I've got of each, so for now I'm listing the yardage as A Decent Amount.

Last, this just came today: Two Chasing Rainbows silk hankies from Crown Mountain Farms. Go give them your money, they take really good care of you. The colors are Copper Slate (left) and Peacock Plume (right). You can tell I'm already diving into that one. Obviously, I have issues with restraint.

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The_Add_Knitter said...

Good luck with the Mitred Square Blanket...yikes.