Saturday, April 21, 2007


What a great day. After nature's cruel joke of snow in April (the day after we mowed the lawn, no less), today's sunshine went down a treat. And when I came home, what was waiting at the front door for me?

My April package from my secret pal Brak, aka Melody (that's right, Melody-- I pegged you!):

There's two lovely, yummy candles that will look perfect in the living room; some Rooibus tea (my favorite); some chocolate covered cranberries (again, yum); and what I am almost positive is a bath fizzy. That, or the world's biggest jawbreaker.

Don't fret Melody, I won't try to eat it. I know it's a bath fizzy.

The yarn is superb. Most excellent. Here it is, photographed alongside my new bonsai with a lovely backdrop of desperately dirty dishes:

That's Malabrigo on the left, a yarn I have never tried although its reputation preceeds it. The color is called "Marron Wax." I have no idea who or what "Marron Wax" might be, but I think I would like some, as the yarn is a beautiful, subtle blend of russet and copper. It's a perfect shade for my coloring, so I want to knit it into something that I'll wear near my face.

Close up of the Noro Silk Garden (what might look blue on your monitor is actually several hues of purple):

The Noro is really a very timely gift, since I have taken all my single skeins of Silk Garden and started a somewhat ambitious/utterly batshit insane project. It sort of depends on how you look at it.
I fell in love with Shelly Kang's mitered square blanket, knit out of leftover balls of sock yarn. I'm not averse to knitting a giant blanket out of sock yarn (I'm all for that brand of crazy), but it would take me years to collect enough scraps. See, Shelly had truckloads of sock yarn mailed to her when word got out about the project, so I'm pretty sure that there are no more leftovers in the world, save for what's sitting in her basket. However, I am forever buying single skeins of Silk Garden when I see a neat colorway (and trust me, they're all neat colorways). Seing as how one can only have so many hats, incorporating all of my oddballs into one big, crazy bedspread seems perfectly reasonable. Right? Right?

So big, big thanks to Melody, not only for all the wonderful gifts, but for making my first Secret Pal exchange so much fun.

Tomorrow: Why I am such a reticent blogger and what I've been up to since the last installment. It's worth checking back for. Promise.