Friday, November 10, 2006

Why I'm not drawing.

No cartoons lately guys. I know, its a bummer. But a lot of things have been happening around here at knittiot central, the main thing being that the software I was using to edit my drawings is no longer availible to me (it was part of a trial package deal that came with the computer). I'm looking for a reasonably well-priced alternative, as MS Paint just doesn't do it for me and Adobe Illustrator-- although kick ass--is WAY out of my price range. So hang with me, I'm workin' on it.

In the meantime, I'll try satiate some of you who have been politely asking for more Knittiots (Tricia: "comic? comic? COMIC?") by posting some more blog-ey blogs. Because my real knitting life is almost as hilariously tragic as my made-up one.

Eve of Destruction.

(Warning: Christmas present spoilers. If you are a relative, get your nosey self off my blog!)
So, November. I don't know why they don't just go ahead and re-name it PreDecember, except for the sinister powers of the calendar companies' lobbyist group. They're already playing Christmas music at the stores where I work, meaning that I am already hating Christmas in a big big way. All the early advertising for the holiday season, however, did serve to remind me that I'd better get started on the Christmas knitting.

Why I feel so compelled to knit everybody's gifts is beyond me. Maybe I secretly hate myself, I don't know. Initially, the plan seemed well reasoned. I don't have a lot of money to buy gifts with. What I do have a lot of is yarn and enthusiasm (but mostly yarn). By giving them something made especially for them, I can show my affection without worrying about the fact that I'm broke. We will disregard the fact that I did go out and purchase yarn to carry out this plan.

While I have quite a bit of time left, I am starting to feel a little concerned. As in, I have taken on way, way too much. Here is an aerial picture of my doom:

Please note that there are only three things that are actually on needles. I should add also that this is not all of the holiday yarn. I bought four more skeins online that haven't arrived yet.

I am a reasonably fast knitter, and my job is flexible enough to allow me long periods of uninterrupted knitting time (the dishes are not nearly as considerate). But some knitting goes more slowly than others, leading me to ponder the sanity of working on Exibit A:

The vague blue blob above is the Swallowtail shawl from a recent copy of Interweave Knits. After recently doing heroic battle with the Icarus shawl and coming out the victor, I thought this would be no problem. And it did knit up quickly, right up to the point where there are clever little popcorn things that require you to purl 5 together on the wrong side rows. Purl 5. Together. Stupid little popcorn things.

Worried about the alarming number of projects not so much as cast on yet, I consulted the dog.

The dog is looking at all the knitting, and appears somewhat concerned.